After agonising over an introductory post for weeks and being unable to write anything, I was starting to doubt whether the gears up in my head were  functioning properly or starting to rust.

I hadn’t given so much thought to anything in my life before, as I had given to this post. Heck, even this blog was based off of a whim! Not that I did not plan on making it, of course I did!!

And even on that I had spent a good month or two wondering if I should make a blog or that it was a bad idea. So when one day, a friend asked about it, I went ahead and brought ‘Kylene’s Kaleidoscope‘ to life. Did I plan anything for it? Nope. I had no idea where I was going with this, what I was going to put in this blog, or what theme I should pick or even the name for that matter. Although, like many other decisions I’d ever made off of a whim and been satisfied with it, this came at a #2 on the list. 

If I have to explain ‘Kylene’s Kaleidoscope’, I would say it’s basically like a centralized database of sorts for my art ventures and writings. This place could help me finally pen down the story I’ve been meaning to write ever since I was in school. And eventhough I’m not as confident about my works ,or even myself in general, as I ought to be… I really do love writing. Amateur though I might be, in every sense of the word, I would still like to share my thoughts and hopefully better myself with the help of this project.