I’m a Computer Engineering Student, a Taurean, an avid reader, Anime, and Manga lover, and a newly converted fan of Physics. Apart from all of these I’m a foodie who’s ironically broke for time and other resources. I watch shows, but only have burned through a handful of them.

Before we begin learning to write, we are taught how to read for that’s where and how you get the tools to write. I began reading when I wasn’t even 9; I can barely remember the year. My first book was ‘The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’  and I remember how surreal it felt to be lost in that world and forget what was real or where you were or what time it was. It was around that time that I was gifted a tiny flashlight for play and I would use it to stay up all night and read the ending of the book. Curious to know what happened to Hyde next, or how did Ebeneezer Scrooge become a changed man in ‘A Christmas Carol’. Ever since then, whether I had the time to read or whether I did not. I knew I’d fallen in love with books. 

I began writing the same year I began drawing. I was ten years old and the only person in my class  (to the best of my knowledge) to have watched ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’. One of my classmates asked me to give him a full blow-by-blow account. Unable to do so I decided to write it down for him and anyone else who wished to know the story. Those who read it loved it, whether it was because of my writing skills or because the story was really good, I’ll never know. But that appraisal helped me write my first fanfiction that year. Speaking about sketching or drawing, I thank Cartoon Network’s Toonami for airing Anime. Imitating and creating fan arts of Pokémon for my Drawing period, I ended up growing overly fond of them as well. That’s where and when I found the world of Manga and Anime. 

Now here we are, roughly 10-12 years later and having watched a few dozens of anime, read a hundred books, watched a handful of TV shows and more than a few hundreds of movies. My latest venture is into the world of Kpop, whose seeds had been planted in 2013, with EXO and in 2016, with BTS. Armed with a nearly empty blog, a concept of a story in mind and a bunch of sketches this little half baked artist is signing off.

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